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How to Use the FileUpload AJAX Control

Managing the HttpPostedFileAJAX

Up to now, we have reviewed many of the properties of FileUpload AJAX... but when we are going to save a file? how can we apply a filter for the maximum file size? how can I know when a file is uploading or is simply a normal call?

Now that we know what the HttpPostedFileAJAX is, we can use the properties and methods that are available within the control:
  • IsRequesting: indicates if a request due to FileUpload AJAX has been initiated. The request can be initiated when a file is uploading or when it is being erased.
  • IsPosting: indicates that a file from the FileUpload AJAX control is uploading.
  • IsDeleting: indicates that a file is being deleted by FileUpload AJAX.
  • PostedFile: provides access to the HttpPostedFileAJAX that FileUpload AJAX uploaded.
  • Saving the PostedFile: we have 3 options when we have uploaded the PostedFile, none of which involve using "server.MapPath(...)", because the control does it automatically:
    • SaveAs(string path): save the file to the specified path (directory + file name). The results are identical to the SaveAs command in the standard FileUpload control.
    • Save(): save the file in the root of our application with the original name.
    • SaveAs(string directoryPath, string FileName): save the file in the specified directory (directoryPath) and with the specified name (FileName). A function that is missing from the standard FileUpload control.
In the example we are going to save a file that must be a GIF image that is less than 5KB in the "temp" directory located in the root of our application.


<cc1:FileUploaderAJAX ID="FileUploaderAJAX1" runat="server" MaxFiles="5" />
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
   if (FileUploaderAJAX1.IsPosting)

private void managePost()
   HttpPostedFileAJAX pf = FileUploaderAJAX1.PostedFile;

   if ((pf.Type == HttpPostedFileAJAX.fileType.image) && pf.ContentLength <= 5 * 1024)
      FileUploaderAJAX1.SaveAs("~/temp", pf.FileName);