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How to Use the FileUpload AJAX Control


The FileUpload AJAX has some properties that are very similiar to the standard FileUpload control.

Some of the key features are:
  • The FileUpload AJAX control is responsible for uploading files from the form without a page refresh. This is the philosophy of AJAX, but the control is not strictly AJAX. To really be AJAX, it would have to access the files using Javascript, which is blocked by most browsers, with even minimal security.
    Instead, the control uses a mixture of Javascript and iframes that is similiar to the desired AJAX experience.
  • Although the FileUpload AJAX control provides additional methods to save files (as well as most of the functions available in the standard FileUpload control), it cannot do "magic"; the location where the file is to be saved must have write permissions.
  • To function properly, your pages must be able to access the ViewState as Session variables.