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FileUpload AJAX :: ASP.NET

Newest version: 1.2 (7/27/2007)

FileUploadAJAX is an open source ASP.NET 2.0 custom control that is similar to the predefined FileUpload control but with a key difference: AJAX behavior

And what does this means? This means that with the FileUploadAJAX we can upload files in an asynchronous way and without reloading the page... that's all!

Furthemore there are a lot of configuration options that you will discover on the How to section

In order to begin, we show an easy example with very few code that will allow us to upload up to 5 ".gif" of less than 5KB each one. Test it yourself: upload ".gif" images, delete them, try to upload other kind of files, from more than 5 KB, etc.

Example (view the How To...)


<cc1:FileUploaderAJAX ID="FileUploaderAJAX1" runat="server" MaxFiles="5" />
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
   if (FileUploaderAJAX1.IsPosting)

private void managePost()
   HttpPostedFileAJAX pf = FileUploaderAJAX1.PostedFile;

   if (pf.ContentType.Equals("image/gif") && pf.ContentLength <= 5 * 1024)
      FileUploaderAJAX1.SaveAs("~/temp", pf.FileName);